Supreme Clamshell Dredge offers added mining capabilities

Ohio-Trip-June-22-to-24-2016-3101by Jon M. Casey

For operations at the Jaymar, Inc. Reedsville Plant near Reedsville, Ohio, the decision to acquire a Supreme Manufacturing 8-cubic-yard clamshell dredge, gave daily production a significant boost to the company’s sand and gravel mining operation. The new dredge provided an additional source of production to compliment the ongoing high bank surface mining operations that have been in place for nearly twenty years. [Read more…]

Drones play important roles for our industry in a number of ways

AGG-1-2015-214by Jon M. Casey
As Diana Barnum recently reported in our April/May 2016 issue of NAQN, drones are playing a larger role in the quarry industry, especially when it comes to worker safety. With the advent of stockpile inventory software that works in conjunction with drone technology carrying digital photo and video equipment, quarry operators are able to map and calculate stockpile volumetrics in less time and more safely than ever before. An increasing number of companies are offering drone equipment packages or drone based services that gives the industry more options from which to choose. [Read more…]