Hydro-Clean visits Pennsy Supply quarry in Annville, P.A.

by Jon M. Casey

A sunny and beautiful spring day is the perfect setting for a demonstration of how to clean dirty aggregate using less water, less electrical power with a unit that requires less maintenance, right? Well, for the atten­ dees of Kemper Equipment’s field demonstration of the Tyler Hydro-Clean Mobile Test Plant from Haver & Boecker at the Pennsy Supply Millard South Quarry near Annville, PA, Tuesday April 21 was the ideal time and place for just such an event. [Read more…]

Magnesita Quarry specializes in refractory products

2541by Mary Weaver

Photos by Bill Weaver

Magnesita’s York, PA Quarry is not your ordinary quarry. Most quarries don’t do a careful chemical analysis of the rock in each and every blast hole, followed by more chemical analyses of the rock after that. Most quarries sell stone that has been mined for aggregates. What Magnesita sells is rock transformed by 3500 degree F. heat into something far different. [Read more…]